Marketing trends to keep an eye out for in 2023

A new year is upon us and with that comes new trends in the marketing world - join us as we predict four of the most likely marketing trends we could see in 2023.
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You know how the saying goes “New Year, New Me Marketing Trends”. In an ever-changing world, each year comes with new trends – some that stand the test of time and others that fail before you even realised they were there.

Join us as we run through four things to keep your eye on throughout the year.

Video content to stay short

Video has retained the crown as the most popular form of content over the past couple of years – but even that is evolving.

Consumers’ attention span has dwindled over time, with this coming more evident through the fastest-growing social app, TikTok. Short-form video is where it’s at for 2023.

According to a stat from HubSpot, 90% of marketers using short-form video will increase or maintain their investment next year and 1 in 5 marketers plan to adopt short-form video for the first time in 2023.

Social media will become a customer service tool

Customers using social media as a point of contact with a brand isn’t anything new, however, it is becoming more expected.

One in five Gen-Z and one in four Millennials have contacted a brand on social media for customer service related issues in the past three months.

It is time brands started to look at their channels for more than advertising products or services and begin to implement strategies that offer an experience for customers.

Metaverse talk will grow

Whilst it’s extremely unlikely to see the Metaverse in final form during 2023, we’ll most certainly begin to hear more about it and how we expect to see it play a part in everyday life.

Love it or hate it, there’s no hiding. If you’re still unsure on what the Metaverse is all about, we encourage you to read our article which should bring you up to speed.

Strong SEO presence to become more important

The increasing number of paid ads on Google means no matter how strong your SEO game is, it will always be further down the page.

To ensure you’re top of the organic rankings, it couldn’t be more important to make your website as discoverable as possible. Getting to know your keywords and checking your heading tags are relevant are a handful of steps you can take to improve your rankings.

If you’re considering going down the Pay Per Click route, why not take a look at some recent work we did for a client?

To summarise

One of the only things you can guarantee in the world of marketing is that trends will come and go, but if you want to evolve as a brand, it’s imperative to keep up. Whilst we don’t recommend putting all of your eggs in a new trend basket, we would encourage you to keep a constant close eye on what is new to avoid getting left behind.