Keeping your site secure with website hosting & maintenance

Now that you’ve got a beautifully designed website, you’re going to need somewhere to host it, you’ll also want someone to maintain it. Our website hosting is cloud-based and boasts multiple benefits for your site and its users. We’ve got your website hosting and maintenance covered.

What is website hosting & maintenance?

Website hosting is a fundamental service that ensures your website is stored, maintained and made accessible to users on the internet, enabling your all-important online presence.

Our website hosting covers areas such as the storage of the site, the domain name and server management. Additionally, we provide other services such as domain registration, SSL certificates and backup solutions. Our preferred cloud server management panel is RunCloud.

When it comes to having a healthy website, regular maintenance is needed. This can be something as simple as our web team updating WordPress plugins, or going as far as ongoing SEO.


Just like, or, this is the name to your website. This is pointed to your hosting.


This is where your website lives. The files that make the website are stored on a server and accessed by users wanting to visit your site.

Your computer/phone

Beсause your domain in connected to your hosting a user can type in the domain name and this will then link the users browser to the website.

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Our website hosting service

From cutting-edge performance, high levels of security, regular maintenance and upgrades, along with scalability to support your business growth at any stage.


Our chosen website hosting providers offer space on a cloud based server where the website's files (such as HTML, images, videos and scripts) are securely stored. The server connects to the internet, allowing users to access the site from anywhere in the world.

Domain name

Whilst hosting provides the storage for your website files, you also need a domain name (e.g which serves as the address where your site can be found on the internet.

Server management

Our chosen hosting providers manage the servers, ensuring they run smoothly, stay secure and handle the traffic to your website. They typically handle tasks such as software updates, security patches and technical support.

Cloud hosting

Websites are hosted on our chosen network of interconnected servers which are cloud based, providing scalable resources and high reliability.


Our chosen hosting providers implement security measures to protect your website from threats and attacks.


Our chosen hosting providers keep your website available and accessible at all times, minimising downtime.

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All of our websites are built with search engine optimisation in mind – what’s the point in a nice-looking website if you can’t find it on Google?

We host the majority of the websites we build for our clients, being a full-service agency, it’s easy for us to keep things neat and tidy in one place. If you’re looking for a new home on the internet, take a look at our previous work for some inspiration.