Keep in touch and reach new customers through email marketing

Integrating email marketing into your digital marketing strategy allows you to keep in touch with your customers, as well as target and reach new audiences. 

Why use email marketing?

Using software like Mailchimp, or similar tools, offers a host of benefits from managing and storing data to understanding behaviours.

We offer personalised email marketing to enhance engagement, increase conversion and grow revenue through simple yet effective email solutions.

By utilising our experienced team, through cost-effective, email marketing, we can help you:

Improve and optimise deliverability

Build strong relationships

Run targeted campaigns at scale

Automate processes, powered by customer data

Stay connected at every step of the customer journey

Send targeted message based on your audience behaviours

Advise on and carry out A/B testing

What are the benefits of email marketing?

Targeted communication:

Email marketing allows you to tailor messages to specific segments of your audience based on demographics, interests and behaviours.

Measurable results:

Mailchimp or similar tools, allows you to measure metrics, such as opens and click through rates – giving you the information needed to understand how your audience engage with your campaign.

Brand visibility:

Frequent emails keep your brand at the top of your audience’s mind.

Drive traffic:

Effect campaigns will drive traffic through to your desired landing page or website.


You’re able to reach your target audience no matter what device they are using.

Eco-friendly and cost effective:

With many making conscious green decisions, email campaigns reduce the need for printed materials, making it a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective option.

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Our email marketing process

We’ve sent countless email campaigns over the years – but we always follow the same process.

1. Define campaign objective

Before we start with the creative side of things, we want to clearly outline the goals and objectives we aim to achieve. Whether that's driving website traffic, brand awareness or sign ups to an open day.

2. Identify target audience & segment audience data

Knowing the target audience we are talking to is a vital part in getting the right message across. It's equally as important to ensure all the audience data is imported and segmented properly.

3. Getting creative

We'll build a visually pleasing template that aids the user experience whilst writing engaging content that will encourage the user to take action. Our graphic designers will also create any imagery that is required to enhance the visuals.

4. Testing & reviewing

It would be silly of us to press send after we've completed the first draft. We'll send a few tests internally to pick up any inconsistencies that need addressing. Once we're in a good spot, the email will head to you, our client, for final sign off.

5. It's time to press send

Once final sign off has been approved, it's time to press send. We'll cross reference the audience for a final time before getting that email out there.

6. Review & reporting

After at least 48 hours, we'll take a look at the analytics to get a good understanding of the performance. We'll send you a full report and include insights on how many people opened the email, the number of clicks it received and if there were any bounces or unsubscribes. We'll also provide written commentary on this to give you a better understanding of what the stats mean.

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