Build an engaged audience with social media marketing

From Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn to X, you’ll struggle to find someone who isn’t on at least one social media platform. Our social media marketing services help put your brand in front of the masses, no matter the time or place.

What we do

With the average daily screen time on social at over 2 hours, social media is a perfect way to reach a new audience. Across every social platform, users are actively looking for new content, making it an ideal opportunity to serve them something relevant and engaging for them to get excited about.

How we do it

We use our experience and knowledge to best advise on specific and bespoke approaches for your organic social media campaigns, considering your marketplace, your competitors and how your customers operate. As every client and every business is different, we recognise you are unique, we plan accordingly and discuss in detail the content, imagery, video and audio that will best work for you.

We’ve got years of experience working across all of the main social media platforms.


Building brand awareness for Weston Manor

Weston Manor recognised a gap in the marketing strategy and came to us looking to build a presence on social media.

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Our social media marketing process

We aim to always publish value-driven content that your audience will want to engage with.

No matter what social platform it is.

1. Understanding your goals

We like to begin by understanding your goals, objective and expectations. Whether it’s to increase followers through brand awareness, drive website traffic or generate leads, we will learn everything we can.

2. Audience research

We’ll take time to understand who your audience are, getting to know their interests and behaviours, so we know who we are talking to.

3. Content strategy

We will develop a strategy that aligns with your goals. We'll look at determining brand voice, posting schedules and content themes.

4. Content creation

Once the strategy has been agreed, our team will create the content. This can include a combination of written copy, design and production of imagery and graphics, animations, infographics and video content.

5. Scheduling & daily checks

Once content is signed off, your appointed social media executive will schedule all posts and is responsible for daily checks and engagements.

6. Reporting & analysis

We will produce a monthly report which analyses the previous month’s content and digs deep into the stats to determine what’s working well and areas to improve. Using this data allows us to make informed decisions when creating the content for next month’s social media plan.

Looking for social media advertising?

Utilising paid social media adverts is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd in busy news feeds.

Whether you want to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok, we’ve run campaigns across all social channels.