Video production that is impossible to ignore

Whether you’re looking to showcase a new product or uniquely portray your services, our video production services will be able to tell your brand’s story. With video content growing in popularity by the day, there’s no time like the present to get in touch with our videography team.

Our video production work

We’re proud of the videos we’ve produced, so why not get inspiration from some of our previous work? From drone videos to capturing content for social media, we’ve done it all.

A video to fit any brief

We’re here to tell your story – whether you’re trying to raise awareness or showcase a product, our video production team will capture it.

We’ll plan the shoot, storyboarding the most important shots. After the filming, it’s time for editing where we’ll begin to craft the story the way you want it to be seen.

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Why should you use video?

Have you noticed that social media is full of videos? There’s a reason for that.

Social algorithms favour video, so using them in your digital strategy should be something to consider.

Your audience is likely going to benefit from it too, with information much easier to retain when presented in video format opposed to static images or copy.

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Our video production process

We aim to take the stress away from you, that’s why we meticulously plan our video shoots, why not take a look at our detailed process to see how we roll?

1. Discover

First we ensure we understand exactly what you’re looking for. What does this video need to do for your business and how can we optimise it best.

2. Plan

Planning the shoot is an important step. Asking for permissions, planning around weather, finding talent and making sure everything is ready for the day. If Drone footage is required - a full check by our qualified UAV operator and a helpful document is produced to keep you in the loop.

3. Shoot

On shooting day we always make sure to have fun and capture some amazing footage. We work with your business to get the most out of the shooting period.

4. Edit

With all of this lovely new footage we collate, manage and produce a video which we work with you on until you feel it’s ready to go live.

5. Deliver

Is your video for social media? Is it meant to be used directly on your website? Maybe this is something for TV? Whatever the need, your video will look fantastic.

Fancy a chat with our video production team?

We always aim to craft an engaging story and we achieve this by not cutting any corners. Our videography team will start at the planning stage by scoping out the location, taking the lighting and backdrop into consideration. We can even take to the skies with our drone services.

After the camera has been put away, all footage will edited in Adobe Premier Pro, working on colour grading, the tempo of the video as well as background audio.