Bringing consistency to your branding

Branding is how your customers and potential customers see and remember you, it’s your logo, font, brand colours and images – your unique identity.

Building a strong brand is key to establishing your business and building a strong reputation for your business. It is important that your brand is consistent in everything you do and everything your audience sees.

Achieve consistency throughout your branding

There’s little point in having an eye-catching brand if it isn’t consistent. We can help you to establish a set of brand guidelines that will showcase your colours, logo, font, tone of voice and more, so your whole organisation knows exactly who you are and what you represent.

Logo design services

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Did you know ads creative solutions were established in 1988, a time where the world looked a lot different to how it does today. Originally a stand-alone advertising agency, graphic design has been instrumental throughout the business, our graphic design team have decades of experience and knowledge that they draw upon.

Our team know branding inside out and will work closely with you to create a strategy that will stand your business out from the crowd.

Introducing a new logo and brand guidelines for Ground & Water

The ads creative solutions team were working on a project to build Ground & Water a new website, but to go alongside their new home on the internet, they required a refreshed look that included a refreshed logo and updated brand guidelines.

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How we approach branding

From an initial logo design to setting brand colours and fonts, we take care of the finer details in the creation of brand guidelines.

Brand Overview

Alongside your brand story and history, we’ll look at your mission and vision statement to learn as much as we can about your brand.

Brand Identity

We’ll create a clear set of guidelines on how your logo should be used, what colours should be used and what size font should be used across multiple channels. The finer detail will include minimum sizes and clear space requirements, we will also include logo misuse, with examples of incorrect usage such as stretching or altering colours.

Colour Palette

This will include your primary colours that represent the brand, as well as the additional secondary colours. We'll also include the Hex, RGB and CMYK values to ensure consistency across all usage.


The primary typeface will show the main font to be used in all brand communications, alongside the secondary supporting fonts used for different purposes. Font usage will also be covered to guide when and how to use each typeface, including size, weight and spacing.

Tone of Voice

We'll help to describe the brand's personality and how it should sound in written communications. Guidelines and examples will be shown on language use, formality, vocabulary and any specific phrases or taglines.

Application & Usage

We'll provide examples on how the brand should appear in various physical forms, such as stationery, marketing materials, digital assets, signage and more.
Logo design services

Looking for graphic design?

Branding and graphic design usually go hand in hand. We’re proud to have a graphic design and digital content team in-house, who working together, can design and produce anything from animated social media content to corporate brochures. We’re a talented bunch here.