What do the new metrics in Google Ads mean?

Digital Marketing   |   4th October 2019

You may notice a slight change in your Google Ads Analytics report this month. The old Average Position (Avg. Pos.) is due to be scrapped by Google.

A new metric, introduced in November 2018, Impression (Top) % and Impression (Absolute Top) %, will be the replacement metrics.

At ads creative solutions we understand it’s essential for you to know how prominently your adverts show on the search results page.

These new statistics will describe what percentage of your adverts will be shown at the top or absolute top of the Google rankings. This change will give you a clearer view of your prominence within the rankings, as opposed to what the former average position did.

By focusing on these strategies, it will allow more effective bidding to achieve the advert position desired.

If you’re scratching your head, wondering what the new metrics means, we’ll define them below and the team are on hand to provide further explanations and guidance if required.

Search top impression rate: Impr. (Top) % is the percentage of your advert impressions that are shown anywhere above the organic search results.

Search absolute top impression rate: Impr. (Absolute Top) % is the percentage of your advert impressions that are shown as the very first advert above the organic search results.

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