What is TikTok Notes?

Have you heard of the latest social media app that's got people talking? TikTok has released Notes, but what does it look like? Join us as we go through what we know so far.
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You may have heard about the latest addition to the social media game, TikTok Notes. TikTok launched the app in Canada and Australia late last week to test the new platform that is dedicated to still images and text. It sounds a lot like another platform we know, right?

What is it?

According to a spokesperson from TikTok, they said Notes will be a “dedicated space” for photo and text content and a platform for users to “create and share their creativity”.

How do I sign up?

If you’ve already got a TikTok account, Notes will use your existing profile. They indicated to regular users that unless they opt out, existing or future image-based posts in the TikTok app will be shown in Notes, but it is understood that this hasn’t been implemented in the launch of the app.

What can I post to TikTok Notes?

As mentioned above, you can post photos with captions and there will be no video at all on the app. Unlike Instagram, it’ll allow you to post a headline for the photos, as well as a caption.

What can I see on the app?

In a similar style to when Threads first launched, a lot of the content on TikTok Notes is meme-styled content. This is likely to change however when more people start using it, influencers join and you begin to follow friends.

Just like the regular TikTok app, Notes has a dedicated “following” tab to show posts from those who you follow as well as a “for you” tab to show content that the algorithm thinks you’ll like.

When will TikTok Notes be available in the UK?

At this stage, TikTok hasn’t commented on when it will be available for release in the UK, or any other country outside Australia and Canada.

Whilst it is in the testing stage, it’ll only be available in those two countries – it isn’t uncommon for tech companies to only release the soft launch in a handful of countries.


It’s still very early days for TikTok Notes so it’s hard to comment on what the future may look like. We saw the hype of Threads die down quite quickly last year after the initial launch, so it wouldn’t be unheard of if something similar happened to Notes.

However it unfolds, you can be confident the ads creative solutions team will be at the forefront of it.