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What is the Apple Vision Pro headset?

Apple have announced their new AR headset that could be about to revolutionise the way we use our tech.
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Apple have long been synonymous with groundbreaking technology and with the announcement of their new Apple Vision Pro headset, they’re set to continue that tradition.

You only need to think back to how the iPod changed the way we listened to music on the go, or how the iPhone completely revolutionised the mobile market – it all makes you wonder how this latest innovation will change the way we look at and use our technology.

What is it?

The Apple Vision Pro headset represents yet another step forward in the world of augmented reality (AR). The headset will allow users to see the content that they’re already familiar with in an immersive way that seamlessly integrates into the environment they’re in. You’ll be able to sit on the sofa and scroll through a website on a screen that is placed in front of you.

Apple Vision Pro example What the VisionOS software could look like in your living room with the headset on

How much is it?

The Apple Vision Pro headset doesn’t come cheap, like most Apple products. It’ll set you back a staggering $3,499 and is set to be released in early 2024.

This will unfortunately price out a lot of consumers who had hoped to get their hands on one – but with the technology inside the headset, which has been in development for over a decade, it’s easier to understand why the price is so high.

We don’t want to bore you with the technical specifications, but if you’re interested, this article from MacRumors sums it up well.

Why would you use it?

Now knowing the price, you’re probably wondering why anyone would use it. The true answer lies on an individual basis.

Many people are sceptical about the use of AR technology and how it will further remove us away from actual reality. Equally, there are crowds of people itching to immerse themselves in the latest technology that will hopefully help enrich their lives.

As things stand, your average consumer probably won’t be picking up a device. But those tech-savvy individuals who want the latest offering from Apple will be eager to throw themselves into the growing world of AR.

The Apple Vision Pro headset will allow users to interact with all the content they are familiar with, such as browsing the web on Safari, and watching videos on YouTube, it even allows Mac users to take advantage of extra screen space.

This video from Apple will give you an in-depth look at what to expect.


What will it change and how will it evolve?

One of the questions on a lot of people’s lips is how it will change the way we use technology. The short answer for right now is – probably not a lot. The price doesn’t make it accessible to your average consumer, so it’s unlikely to take off in the way iPods or iPhones did.

But, over time, that will most certainly change. Whilst no one knows exactly how it will play out, this is quite possibly the start of something big – the next evolution of technology.

If the rumours are to be believed, Apple’s vision for AR technology will evolve from headsets, into glasses and then potentially lenses. The end result is to allow users to have constant access to the technology and for it to be presented in a way that integrates seamlessly with their everyday lives.

If you’re familiar with Iron Man, it could look a little something like how Tony Stark uses his computer.

This could and is likely to result in one day people not needing a phone or tablet or computer because all of that technology will be integrated into one.

Apple Vision Pro headset with battery

In Conclusion

Whether this technology excites or frightens you, there is certainly no avoiding the evolution of it. Some will argue it’s all too Black Mirror like, but others will say it could actually improve our relationship with the way we use and consume technology.

As things stand, it’s unlikely to have an impact on your day-to-day lives. But, as the technology evolves, it will be difficult to avoid.

One thing we can guarantee right now is that we’ll be on top of any movements, so keep your eyes peeled on our socials for any updates. Our resident Apple geek, Reece, will keep the ads creative solutions team up to date with their latest and greatest.