What are the benefits of a drone?

There are many benefits to using a drone to capture video, join us as we run through four of our top picks!
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Drones have certainly revolutionised the way we capture video content in the past couple of years. As the technology grows, so do the capabilities of what you can capture.

Here at ads creative solutions, we are proud that Rob is a fully-qualified UAV operator. His skills have enabled him to capture some of the most unique and captivating content that an on-ground camera crew couldn’t achieve.

Captures outdoor space

One of the most common uses of a drone is to shoot outdoor space. Nothing quite captures the essence of a sunrise or beautiful countryside scenery more than an aerial video. On a recent video shoot, Rob was able to produce a jaw-dropping piece when our client, Frilford Heath Golf Club, hosted the English Trophy.

A different perspective of indoor spaces

Traditional cameras are able to highlight what the eye can see at ground level whilst shooting, but they do have their limitations. However, a skilled pilot, such as Rob, has the ability to carefully fly the drone in confined spaces.

This is perfect if you’re trying to get a bird’s eye view perspective inside a large factory or warehouse. Or, you could get a flying view from the inside of a hotel, showing off the facilities in a way that is certainly going to stand out and be remembered.

On a grand scale

Drones are capable of reaching areas that are difficult for traditional cameras to access. This gives them a huge advantage when it comes to capturing aerial footage of large-scale projects or areas.

The images and videos captured by a drone provide a unique perspective of the terrain such as seeing the progress of a construction project or putting a large open space into perspective.

Show off your events

When it comes to those big one-off events, you’ve likely spent hundreds of hours picking at the smallest details – wouldn’t it be nice to look back on it with a video that matches the quality of it!?

Last year, Rob attended Dalcour Maclaren‘s annual team day to capture the event in a fun and creative manner. Whilst multiple shots were used across different cameras, the ones that stand out the most come from the drone.

In Conclusion

We’re big fans of all forms of videography, but when it comes to a drone, it just can’t be beaten! If you’ve got any questions for Rob, or our team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.