Visit The Museum of the Future with us

Join Reece and Ben as they experience Dubai's Museum of the Future for the first time.
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With many sights on Reece’s list to tick off whilst in Dubai, the Museum of the Future was right up there with the main things to see and experience. With the eye-catching building right next door to our office in the city, it was only a short trip to get there.

Join Reece and Ben as they take you on their journey across the incredible floors.

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  1. Lobby
  2. LEVEL 5: OSS Hope
  3. LEVEL 4: The Heal Institute
  4. LEVEL 3: Al Waha
  5. LEVEL 2: Tomorrow Today
  6. LEVEL 1: Future Heroes
  7. In conclusion


As you arrive to collect your online ticket, you’re immediately mesmerised by the building’s architecture – the spiralling staircases, glass elevators and tall curved ceilings engraved in Arabic calligraphy, it truly is a sight to behold.

Once you’ve got your wristband, you’ll queue up to begin your experience.


At the start of the journey, you’re greeted by Aya, the virtual avatar that is your tour guide throughout the visit.

After your debrief, you’re boarded onto a space shuttle simulation, with the final destination 600km above the earth on the OSS Hope station. Upon your arrival, you’re met with a host of futuristic space technology.

If we’re being honest, the level of technology on this level was so advanced and specialist, it somewhat went over our heads. The sheer magnitude of possibilities within space is rather eye-opening and exciting – whilst also being quite daunting given how little we’ve already discovered.

LEVEL 4: The Heal Institute

After leaving OSS Hope, you enter a futuristic Dubai, based 50 years or so from today. The Heal Institute is one of the most visually stunning floors in the whole museum, the exhibits here really do leave you feeling in awe.

It is split into three main exhibits, The Garden, Vault of Life and Ecosystem Simulator – all of which focus on the natural world and what lies ahead.

The Garden will leave you feeling like you’ve entered a digital Amazon Rainforest – where you’ll learn about the repercussions of the changing climate and how humans can help rectify them.

The Vault of Life is a stunning representation of over 2,000 species, all locked away in illuminated glass jars. You could spend hours in this exhibit alone looking at each one.

Within the Ecosystem Simulator, you’ll find a laboratory experience that tests how a new species can bring change to our environment.

The future of the planet might not be all doom and gloom after all.

LEVEL 3: Al Waha

Whilst ChatGPT is a useful and exciting piece of software, there are many things it can’t do when it stands up Entering Al Waha, which translates to Oasis in English, you’ll be submerged in a sensory heaven. Level 3 is designed to heal your mind and body through exhibits such as the Make a Wish Pool and Sensory Room – it’s an area where you can step back from digital surroundings and enjoy a more holistic experience.

Admittedly, we did find it tough to truly immerse ourselves in this experience due to the amount of people within the room. However, the floor designed to resemble a sandy beach is something you can enjoy.

LEVEL 2: Tomorrow Today

Now, this is probably the floor we enjoyed the most.

Tomorrow Today is all about celebrating technology that could reinvent our future and the way we live our everyday lives. This floor exhibits prototypes that are designed to help overcome challenges to create a positive future.

In our opinion, out of all floors, this is the one where you can truly envisage the technology of tomorrow’s world. There are some household names that you’d already recognise, such as Volkswagen and their vision for the car market.

You’ll also find innovative solutions to problems caused by our past actions – like climate change and excessive waste.

If any of the technology on this floor comes into our everyday lives, we can certainly see it kick-starting in Dubai!

LEVEL 1: Future Heroes

Admittedly, we didn’t spend a great deal of time on this floor – much to our disappointment.

The final floor is a dedicated futuristic play space for a younger audience. The space gives children the opportunity to explore their imagination – the museum’s aim is to develop future-proof skills amongst children which they can learn from in later life.

Whilst it looked like a fun space – we reluctantly gave it a miss.

In conclusion

To sum it up in a few sentences, our experience at the Museum of the Future was like no other. From the moment you approach the jaw-dropping building you are in awe and that feeling sticks with you throughout the truly engaging experience. If you’re contemplating visiting, we couldn’t recommend it enough.

If you do visit, why not pop by our office and say hello, we’re lucky enough to be right around the corner.