Dragon and young girl from John Lewis Christmas advert

The Magic of the John Lewis Christmas Adverts

Probably the most anticipated advert of the year, we take a look at how John Lewis always bring festive cheer.
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Every year we eagerly await the announcement of the John Lewis Christmas advert and with November upon us, it is only a matter of time before it is released and the whole country is talking about it. But why is one advert so successful?

Yes, we all look forward to hearing which artist will have the soundtrack to the advert – but it’s not the production value that sticks with us.

The John Lewis adverts work because they tell a story – a simple story with an emotional theme running through it; whether that be a snowman’s journey to get to a shop to buy a scarf to keep his snow girlfriend warm or an excitable dragon who almost derails the festivities with his fire-breathing excitement.

As well as their heart-warming storylines, the John Lewis advert works because they are always aligned with their brand – they are always there for you. The style of advert wouldn’t work as well for supermarkets or department stores because no one actively trusts them in the way they trust John Lewis.

With all that being said, here at ads creative solutions we have all been talking about the upcoming advert and who we think the artists will be for 2021. Here are some of the team’s predictions:

Chessy predicts it could be either Coldplay or Jack Savoretti with the vocals behind the advert, whilst Reece guesses it could be Joy Crookes.

Chessy also has a feeling the advert will be based around climate change with a polar bear being the main character – given with climate change is a huge topic in the news now, this could be a strong prediction. Hannah predicts that this year’s theme will focus on families being reunited after not being able to last year.

Whilst all of us in the office eagerly await the release of the advert, we can’t help getting sucked into conspiracy theories and predictions.

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Photo credits with thanks to John Lewis & Partners

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