Jack Brunsdon – Email Marketing

Ringing in the new year with an unmissable offer


Jack Brunsdon & Son are specialists in providing the highest quality wooden windows and door, with over fifty years of heritage, craftsmanship and service. Not only are Jack Brunsdon our neighbours here on the Blenheim Palace Sawmills, they’re also a client we’re proud to have built a longstanding relationship with.


To celebrate a new year, Jack Brunsdon wanted to kick start 2024 with a special offer on all of their windows and doors.

With ads having already designed artwork to highlight the promotion across other marketing channels, it was down to the digital team to produce an email campaign that targeted the thousands of individuals on their database.


Having understood the brief and what the key information was to highlight, ads got to work in building the email template and creating the content that would be included in the campaign.

It was important to make the 20% off incentive stand out as clearly as possible, which is why we lead with a large heading that highlighted their offer. We also included it in the main banner image at the top to catch the eye as soon as the email was opened.

As an extra incentive, Jack Brunson were also offering a free Fortnum & Mason hamper with every order. Weaving this into the main body of the email helped to entice the customer further.

Aside from the main content, it was important to uphold Jack Brunsdon’s heritage alongside their strong branding. Including some real-life images of recent work helped the customer envisage what their new window or door could look like. Whilst the excellent Trustpilot testimonial filled them with confidence on Jack Brunsdon’s service.

In order to aid user experience, we included a button that directly allowed the customer to book an appointment, alongside adding in the two showroom’s locations and opening hours. And for those who may not quite have been ready to purchase, we included Jack Brunsdon’s social media profiles to help keep the customer engaged with the brand.


The results to Jack Brunsdon’s January sale email campaign were the most positive to date.

The email was sent to their database and saw a 48% open rate*, which smashed the national average. It also achieved a total of 90 clicks for the user to the book a design consultation.

*17% national average