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Is Your Web Content Getting Noticed?

Your website is something you should be incredibly proud of and is a powerful tool to share and show off to users to showcase your product or service.
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It only takes 1.9 seconds for a web visitor to decide if your site has the content they need.

You need to ensure that the placement of the content is in the right place and readily available. Whether it’s a contact number, the date for an event or your latest offer. If you don’t have these in the right spaces, people are going to grow frustrated and move on.

Take a look at our 3 top tips on how you can maximise the potential on your website:

5 second test

Show your website to someone for 5 seconds, ask them to write down what they can remember seeing. From this, you can see exactly where the users’ eyes are drawn to, then try to place the important information within that area.

Capital F

Draw a capital F on your page, this is where users will look when they arrive. Try placing any important pieces of information within this area so that it will be noticed.

Make content eye-catching

To avoid users leaving your website or not noticing key pieces of information that you want them to see, get rid of big blocks of text and swap them out for icons and titles that are clear.

People’s attention spans are notoriously short, so it’s never been more important to grab and retain your audience’s attention.

The top tips are just three of many to ensure your audience is getting the information it needs, in the most efficient and effective ways.

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