Introducing our aerial drone photography and filming services

Drone technology has advanced significantly in recent years, you’re bound to notice many big productions now involve drone photography or videography in one way or another.
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Not just used on a large scale, drone usage is accessible across the board, from small YouTube videos to national television shows, such as Blue Planet II.

In light of the recent disruptions at Gatwick Airport in late 2018, the government has decided to implement stricter regulations when it comes to flying a drone. As of 13th March 2019, it will become illegal to fly a drone within 3 miles (4.8km) of an airport, as opposed to the current exclusion zone of 0.6 miles (1km).

The government has also issued a statement saying that it wants the police to have new powers to stop and search someone they suspect to be misusing a drone. It’s never been more important that commercial drone work is carried out by qualified drone operators.

With two of our team members holding a Civil Aviation Authority drone licence, we are fully qualified to operate drones commercially. We offer bespoke, cost-effective drone solutions that will enhance your company’s presence online.

Drone technology is something that will differentiate your website and social media from the crowd. Stunning aerial shots to 4k high-resolution images, drone videography and photography will provide you with breath-taking content, from a different perspective, that cannot be captured with any other equipment.

It’s predicted that by 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be video. With 52% of consumers saying that watching a video about a product or service makes them more confident in online purchasing decisions. It’s no wonder the demand for video content is so high. With so much video hitting the internet, it’s vital your content stands out.

Whether you are looking to shoot a sporting event from a unique angle, or simply capture aerial shots of a beautiful landscape, there is no more achievable way than by drone. With the ability to reach up to 400 feet, the drone stands head and shoulders above other technology.

At ads creative solutions, we have the flexibility to offer drone packages that best fit client’s requirements. With services such as full pre-production planning, as well as being fully insured, it couldn’t be easier to introduce drone work into your business.

Endorsed and insured by the Civil Aviation Authority, ads creative solutions are fully qualified to operate drones commercially, so you can be sure you’re getting the highest possible service – no pun intended. Our licenced drone pilots have experience flying indoors and outside. Our portfolio ranges from capturing interiors of large properties, land for sale, homes for corporate let to filming a charity bike ride.

We are convinced drone footage has a place in every business so if you feel your digital content is crying out for some drone work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Give us a call on 01993 885122 or arrange an appointment to visit us in our office located in the West Oxfordshire countryside.