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Google’s Page Experience Update Explained

Google are due to release a new update in the coming weeks which may affect the performance of your website.
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They plan to update the algorithm to include a new factor called Page Experience. You can read about this in detail in Google’s article.

Google will begin using the page experience as part of their ranking systems beginning mid-June 2021. We believe this change is for the good of all websites because it will ensure that the better ones, those that focus on usability and customer journey, will be pushed higher up the search rankings. Page Experience includes all aspects of how users interact with a web page and how good, or poor, the experience is for them.

This includes existing Google Search signals like mobile-friendliness and safe-browsing, to name a handful.

What will be considered?

Currently, the focus for the new changes will be:

  • Loading – Measures perceived load speed. That’s the point in the page load timeline when the main content is likely to have loaded.
  • Interactivity – Is the time from when a user first interacts with a page – a click or a tap, for example – to the time when the browsers begin processing that interaction.
  • Visual stability – Preventing any annoying unexpected movement of page content.

The goal with these updates is to highlight the best experiences and ensure that every user can access the information they are looking for. How your page ranks on the Google algorithm could be negatively affected if your Page Experience is poor.

Google’s work is ongoing, with plans to incorporate more Page Experience signals going forward and updating them on a yearly basis. If you want to discuss it more in-depth, contact one of the digital team – we’d be happy to help!

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