Our Favourite Christmas Presents

We've asked the team to dig deep into the memory banks for this one, asking them to recall their favourite ever Christmas present!
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As Christmas fast approaches, we decided to task the team with looking back nostalgically at the best present they ever received. From electronic games to strawberries, we look back over the years at the presents which stood out to us.

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  1. Kelly
  2. Ben
  3. Sally
  4. Reece
  5. Hannah
  6. Ruth
  7. Andrew
  8. Rob

Kelly – Deck Tape Recorder

My mum and dad bought me this and I remember it had been packed in boxes inside boxes like Russian dolls! The final box, a single tape recorder was a tech phenomenon in those days!!! I spent many hours on a Sunday recording the charts by placing the tape recorder next to a radio! Wow, how times have changed!

Ben – Playstation 2

From my parents. I wanted one really badly after playing PS1 at a friend’s house for a long time. I remember vividly having all the small presents then my Dad asked me to get something behind some video tapes under the TV, moved the tapes and the PlayStation was there. Spent the whole Christmas period playing SSX, FIFA 2000 and Ridge Racer V with my brother and dad. This memory has vividly stuck with me ever since.

Sally – Tinned Strawberries

Growing up was all about tin fruit on a Sunday with evaporated milk, but every Christmas I was allowed to eat a tin of Strawberries for breakfast, along with drinking the syrup, it was bliss!

I still love tin Strawberries and bring back fantastic childhood memories of my Christmas mornings, which were followed by opening all my amazing presents.

Reece – Gameboy Colour

Not sure of my age, must’ve been around 7 or 8 I reckon (released in ’98)
Mum bought it for me along with Pokémon Yellow and had Red, Blue and Crystal later down the line

Also got the magnifier with a light on it so could play in the dark
Was properly excited about it as I had no idea I was getting it.

Hannah – Classic Ladybird Pram

My strong Christmas present memory was when I was around 4. My nan had spent months knitting clothes and buying the classic ladybird pram for a doll that she had bought me. Sadly, I didn’t want a doll so rather ungratefully turfed it out of the pram and used it for my true loves – cuddly monkeys!

Being the second-born girl, I was quite the tomboy. Looking back my favourite toys were ultra-unusual.

Ruth – Girls World

So hard to choose…..this has bought back so many memories….
Girls World, Pacman, and a tape recorder…..are my top three!

I’ll go with my girls’ world as my favourite 😊

Obviously from Father Christmas, I loved this so much!

It was a blonde model in which you could do the hair and makeup, and suction caps on the base to hold it steady. She also had an extra length of hair in the middle of her head which would grow longer or shrink depending on the hairstyle she was going to have that day! I used to wash her hair, style it, and plaster makeup all over her – she looked gorgeous for a while – her hair ended up really matted and I cut her hair too so ended up a bit of a mess! I think I used nail varnish as a lipstick too! I bought my daughter an updated one when she was younger, she loved it too – it’s a girl thing!

Andrew – Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 for me was the beginning of a long love for video games, especially Nintendo games and consoles. I remember as a 6-year-old, sitting down with my Dad and brother and playing Donkey Kong 64 on a tiny little tv on Christmas Day and falling in love with the game. It took us months to finish and that whole year pretty much consisted of running home from school to try and complete more of the game.

18 Years later I still have that very console and will every now and again stick it on and live through some nostalgia.

Rob – Sega Mega Drive

For me, the playground during the ’90s was full of kids talking about Power Rangers, Tyco RC, Terminator 2 and video games. There was a rich diversity of intellectual properties and brands trying to get the attention of kids around Christmas.

So picking a favourite present was hard but I’ve chosen my Sega Mega Drive. I remember opening it at Christmas and feeling like I was about to have a heart attack. The smell as I opened the box I still remember and the artwork of all the games is still special to this day.

A very close second place goes to my PlayStation 1.

To Summarise

What a journey this has been! The nostalgia in the office has been fantastic and reliving all the memories with our co-workers has been brilliant! We recorded a vlog as we decided to bring in some of our favourite Christmas presents for the day and you can check that out below!

All that’s left to say is we hope you have a fantastic Christmas and who knows, a present you get may be your favourite present ever, or even better, a present you gift may be someone else’s favourite!

Merry Christmas!