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Facebook’s Name Change

Did you hear about the changes to Facebook's name and wonder what it meant? Look no further than this blog...
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You may have heard in the news recently that Facebook is changing its name and whilst that is true, it might not mean what you think it does. To save confusion, we’ve summed up what the changes mean in an easy to digest way.

What will the Facebook app be called now? 

There is no name change for the app or social platform – it will still be known as Facebook.

Are WhatsApp, Instagram and other Facebook owned apps changing?

No, there will be no name change or platform changes to any of the Facebook owned apps. WhatsApp and Instagram will keep their original names.

Why is Facebook changing its name?

As part of a rebranding process, Facebook is changing its corporate name to Meta, which they quote would better “encompass” what it does and help future-proof the brand. In the past number of weeks, Facebook has come under pressure with an ex-employee leaking documents.

What is next for Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg announced that his plans are to build a “metaverse” – an online world where users can game, work and communicate in a virtual environment, often using virtual reality (VR) headsets.

In summary

Whilst the changes to the parent company name make no difference to the platforms as we know them, Zuckerberg’s future plans could certainly be interesting. The talk of a virtual world where we’ll all be using VR headsets sounds very futuristic and Tony Stark like – one which we’re sure will be met with a lot of resistance and question marks. But it is one that sounds innovative and exciting and something all of the digital team will be keeping an eager eye on.

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