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Facebook restricting advert targeting for under 18’s

Learn about the new changes to targeting within Facebook Ads
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Another day, another change on the Facebook platform. There’s been a lot to keep up with recently when it comes to Facebook adverts, with the changes that the latest iOS brings being the main one.

Within the past week, Facebook has bought in something new that’ll restrict the way companies can advertise to under 18’s.

Previously, advertisers were able to target all age ranges by specific interests, helping to target adverts to the desired niche audience.

This is now changing as Facebook have recently removed the facility so that now adverts can no longer target users under 18 based on their interests.

To target users under 18, adverts will have to be generic with no interest targeting. It will purely be based on age, gender, and location. This will inevitably make it more difficult for advertisers to target a certain demographic, but the introduction is designed to help safeguard those under 18.

Going forward it could mean that adverts aimed at under 18’s aren’t as successful as they will be broadcasted to a far wider audience than what’s been done previously. Whilst this isn’t certain to happen, it could be a likely scenario.

To get the most out of future adverts, it’s never been more important to ensure that the copy and imagery are fully optimised towards your desired audience because that is what will catch their eye.