Facebook Removes Job Advertising

There are more changes on Facebook - this time the "Jobs" function is out of a job.
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Facebook will close the “Jobs” feature on February 22nd 2022 – meaning the ability to publish free job listings for current vacancies will no longer be available.

The feature which was released in 2017 was met with mixed reviews, with some businesses saying they received worthwhile applications through Facebook, with others deeming it a waste of resources.

It’s not completely disappearing though, as the USA and Canada still have access to its functionalities – whether this could mean it is revived in some form later down the line after trials in the two countries is yet to be known.

For those who have found success recruiting on Facebook, your strategy will need to alter now. The platform still allows jobs to be shared, but no longer in the same format.

We recommend trialling Facebook posts where the job description is within the body copy as well as details on how to apply. You can encourage your audience to share the listing as well as tag friends in the comments who may be interested in the role or know someone that is. Take a look at the below graphic for a hint of inspiration.

As an alternative solution, LinkedIn is a fantastic social media platform for recruitment too with its own dedicated jobs listing page – same goes for Indeed – but both platforms come at a cost.

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