Why should I advertise on Reddit?

Advertising on Reddit might not be your first thought when it comes to online ads, but we're here to explain why you should at very least consider it.
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You may have heard about Reddit, but you’d be forgiven for not knowing exactly what it’s all about. Reddit isn’t like most social media platforms, look at it as more of a news and social forum. Users, known as Redditors share content in the forms of links, photos, videos, and text-based posts in specific communities known as subreddits. These posts are then up or downvoted by the users depending on relevance and popularity. Within the posts, the users can comment and interact with each other, sparking conversation and debate.

According to Backlinko, as of October 2021, Reddit boasts over 430 million active monthly users and over 100,000 subreddit communities – with these numbers continuing to grow.

As the popularity of Reddit has grown, the success of advertising campaigns on the platform has followed suit.

On most social platforms advert text will be short, sweet and to the point – users have fleeting attention spans and don’t read massive paragraphs of text. Reddit, however, is often text-heavy where long-form content can be very popular.

Whilst you never want to overdo the wording on any social advert, no matter the platform, Reddit benefits from allowing you to add more detail.

Users spend an average of 31 minutes on the mobile app, which is higher than Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat, but just short of Instagram and Facebook.

Like most social platforms Reddit is most popular with the younger audience, 18-34-year-olds being the most popular and accounting for 69% of the total users. 35-49-year-olds are second with 23% and 45+ with 13%. The gender split is almost equal with 42% being women and 58% being men.

Users of Reddit also have a higher household income when compared to other platforms, with users averaging a household income of £43,000.00.

Reddit is also one of the only platforms that “influencers” haven’t taken over yet, meaning people can trust product reviews and recommendations on the platform as the user hasn’t been paid to say it. Lots of people research new products on Reddit before purchasing them for themselves.

People spend 4x longer researching new products, brands, services etc on Reddit when compared to other social platforms, and users also have a 9x faster purchasing decision.

Like Facebook, you also have the ability to implement a Reddit Pixel into the client’s website and activate it for retargeting campaigns, which could see some impressive results.

To summarise, Reddit won’t be the perfect platform for everyone, but if done correctly, you can achieve some impressive results. The ability to be able to target specific communities is huge. There is a category for near enough everything on Reddit, so the number of people we could reach would be huge.