Wyckham Blackwell Group

Creating a bespoke web solution for one of the country’s largest timber manufacturing groups


The Wyckham Blackwell (WB) Group of companies has grown exponentially over the past five years. As one of the country’s leading timber manufacturers, having a group of websites that cover their broad range of products is vital for them to operate successfully.


The Wyckham Blackwell Group required a bespoke solution to match their goals. This brief consisted of eight new sites that all needed to showcase the individual companies within the group, be easy to navigate, and store a large amount of information.


As each site needed to be bespoke to the specific company, the team approached each site individually. While some elements were lifted from one site to another, the content and design of each remained unique to that company.

To bring an effortless user experience to their customers, we designed and built a bespoke tracker that allowed those who have made a purchase to track their orders.

Building this element helped to elevate the user experience and allowed the company to stand out from the competition.


The result was eight brand-new sites that all served a unique purpose for each individual company within the Wyckham Blackwell Group.

The tracker helped bring a seamless customer experience, resulting in over 100,000 enquiries across the entire group in the past twelve months.