Showcasing years of quality craftsmanship

Creating a brochure for Jack Brunsdon

Jack Brunsdon was a craftsman, he opened his first workshop back in the 1940s in Oxford, producing everything from staircases to furniture and cabinets.

Offering bespoke windows and doors, Jack Brunsdon pride themselves on the highest-quality wooden products that are built to last.

To showcase their handcrafted products, Jack Brunsdon required a carefully curated brochure that not only displays what they have to offer but also expresses their rich history and backstory. The brochure would then be handed out to prospective customers who were at the first stage of their buying journey.

In order to exhibit their products in the best possible way, we decided an image-led approach would be the best way to proceed. Using striking focus images allowed us to draw the audience’s attention, with the accompanying text outlining the product’s background as well as specific details.

To accompany the brochure, we also established a postcard drop campaign to further incentivise potential customers. Keeping to Jack Brunsdon’s iconic branding, we designed and distributed a series of postcards to draw attention to their 20% off campaign, which would be pushed at different points throughout the year.

The finished product resulted in a brochure that helped Jack Brunsdon showcase its range in a way that expressed its history, heritage and quality. After the design was printed, copies were sent out to prospective customers to encourage them to purchase their products.