Independent School in Oxford

Raising brand awareness for upcoming open morning events


Situated in the heart of Oxford, this Independent School welcomes boys and girls, offering both day and boarding places for its pupils. With a steep history, it was understood that the school’s traditions needed to be matched in both tone of voice within the copy and visuals.


ads creative solutions were approached by this Independent School to help raise awareness for their open mornings throughout May and June. With Out of Home advertising booked, there was a need to build awareness through paid social media advertising.


Having understood the brief, the team began to research what social media platform was best to run the campaign through. After careful consideration, it was concluded that the advert would be best utilised on Facebook and Instagram.

After deciding on the ad placement, the team began to build the first draft. They reviewed the assets supplied by the Independent School to determine their options. With multiple images available, they decided to build a carousel ad, taking this approach would open up multiple accessible “touch points” for the audience.

When writing the copy, it was important to keep it concise due to the nature of social media. The aim was to get across all the vital information and key dates as quickly as possible.

With the ad now signed off, it was time to import it into Meta Ads Manager, build the audience after research, and get the ad live. During the campaign, the performance was monitored, and tweaks to the copy were made where needed.


Over the six-week campaign, the ad performed exceptionally well and helped build brand awareness for the Oxford-based Independent School’s open mornings. Some of the key metrics include 2,530 clicks to the landing page, 200,239 impressions (the number of times the ad was seen) and a well below average cost per click of 24p.