Express Windscreens

Taking advantage of PPC to bring in new leads


Express Windscreens has been providing a mobile windscreen repair and replacement service for over 20 years to ensure their customers are quickly back on the road. Since being founded in 2003, they’ve been family-owned and independently run, whilst always being committed to providing a high standard of service.

In the competitive windscreen repair and replacement market, Express Windscreens needed to ensure they ranked highly on Google, which is why they came to us enquiring about Pay Per Click services.

Whilst their organic SEO sees them appear consistently towards the top of the results pages, taking advantage of PPC ensured instant results.

Using tools like Google Keyword Planner, we researched and found relevant keywords that Express Windscreens’ target audience was searching for.

During this process, we created tailored adtext for each keyword and landing page to ensure it stood out on Google search results and that we had the right bidding strategy.

We implemented conversion tracking in Google Ads to measure the success of the campaign and integrated GA4 so we had a 360 view of the performance.

Since the launch of Express Windscreens’ new website, the PPC campaign benefitted from another successful month with strong demand and performance.

The campaign, in the first full month since the launch of the site, saw an engagement rate of 80.35% and an average engagement time of 1 minute 9 seconds.

On Google alone, the PPC efforts resulted in 2,138 visits to the contact page, with 824 form submissions – over 90% of leads in that single month came from the paid campaign.