Dalcour Maclaren

Capturing the natural harmony of a busy team

Dalcour Maclaren takes a fresh approach to land and the environment for the Utilities and Infrastructure sectors across the UK and beyond. Their company is all about planning for the future. They are a forward-thinking firm that has redefined the role of Chartered Surveyors, and their people have always been key to making that a reality.

Our brief was simple, to capture the Dalcour Maclaren team at work, interacting with one another and busy working on various projects within their office. This imagery would then be used across their website and social media channels.

Whilst the brief may have been straightforward, planning for a shoot like this differs from other jobs. Making sure we know how the team works, and understanding the work the business produces and the culture of the team will allow us to achieve the best results.

All teams work differently so understanding how Dalcour Maclaren wanted to be portrayed was vitally important – we understood they have a strong one-team ethos and pride themselves in the work they do.

With this in mind, our mission was to capture the essence of that in the most natural way possible. Our photographer, Rob, positioned himself on the day in a way that wasn’t intrusive and allowed him to capture the shots without disrupting their workflow.

Once the shoot finished, it was back to the office to edit and touch up the pictures before they were presented to Dalcour Maclaren.

Dalcour Maclaren was extremely pleased with the results, having been presented with a bank of imagery that captured their team and ethos in the most natural way possible. Why not take a look at some of the examples below?