A pioneering UK company, Quortus is changing the mobile communications world by using the best IT principles to create cutting-edge private 4G and now 5G network solutions that are easy to deploy, manage and scale.

our brief

Our goal was to improve the online visibility and evolve the Quortus brand, whilst improving the overall online user experience. Thus better positioning the business in the market whilst standing out against competitors.


what we did

We started mapping out the customer journey, assessing how the customers currently and could potentially engage and interact with Quortus. The website needed to highlight the new product offering whilst also appealing to their three key sectors. The focus of the overall brand messaging was also a vital element of the new website.

Through the design and copy, we wanted to make users instantly aware that Quortus are pioneers in this sector and are the right partner to choose. The focus of the copy became more about why choose Quortus as a partner rather than just what products they can offer.

The visuals play an essential role not only in making the website stand out from competitors, but in conveying to the customer what each product is best suited for.

the results

The result ended with a website that put them at the front and centre of the industry and stood them out against brand competitors. Their visibility was also improved with the website being optimised for different audiences in the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States.