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drone aerial photography and videography

what we do

Taking to the skies opens up huge opportunities for promoting your business, product or event. In the hands of our experienced and fully licensed operators, drones can access remote areas, cover extensive terrain in a short space of time and are creative as well as practical. And their use isn’t limited to outside – they offer versatile and innovative filming inside including for factory spaces and warehouses.

Whether it’s videos or photography for social media, exciting new material for sprucing up your website or delivering eye-catching ad campaigns, drones add a whole new dimension to your marketing and it is quick and cost-efficient too.


delivering impact

We don’t just take the shots, we enhance the footage, editing and adding your branding, sourcing soundtracks and voice overs, combining still photography with video, whatever it takes to make the most impact – and it’s’ all part of the service.

We offer drone footage as either a stand alone product or part of our full service marketing packages, either way, we will make it work for you.

experienced and
creative operators

It’s not just our equipment that is top notch, our experienced and fully licensed operators will explore angles and creative shots, to get the most out of every flight. They are not afraid to try something new and they also know what works.

peace of mind

We offer our clients complete peace of mind with comprehensive pre-flight planning. We are fully insured, and take care of the permissions, regulations, permits, legislation and risk assessments needed to ensure a safe flight.