Logo Design

Branding is one of the most powerful aspects of a business and something that should never be overlooked. Done right and it will leave an everlasting impression on your audience and will let them know what to expect from you. It is a way of distinguishing yourself from your competition and helping you to stand out in a crowd.

our brief

When businesses come to us in search of a new logo or branding, it’s often for one of two reasons. The previous logo and branding are now looking dated and tired, or it is time for that company to find a new identity.


what we did

During the process of re-branding, it’s important to research the history and heritage of the company. Working closely with clients, we will immerse ourselves in the business to find out their values, customer base, competition and more. Doing so allows us to help the brand move forward, without losing what they stand for.

The same hands-on approach is taken with logo re-designs. Our team will learn where the new logo will be used and what impression the business wants their ideal customers to feel. From there, we’ll experiment with different colours, fonts and designs until we find the perfect match for the client.

the results

The final result will help stand businesses stand out from the crowd in multiple ways – from websites to storefronts and brochures to videos. A logo is a readily identifiable symbol of the brand, which ensures businesses are front-of-mind for the ideal customer.