Dalcour Maclaren

Dalcour Maclaren are a chartered surveyors unlike any other.

With strong core values that guide the team and a proven track record, Dalcour Maclaren stand above many others in the industry.

our brief

We were asked by Dalcour Maclaren to join the team at their summer event in Windsor.

The mission was to capture and edit the event with video and photography and show the world what makes this team so special.

what we did

The day flew by, but it was a hot one! Perfect for a summer team event. We arrived bright and early, pre-prepared with our shooting plan and cracked on with work.

We were also asked to bring the drone to take a 300 person group photo. We planned and made sure the flight would be legal and with full permission we got the shot.

the results

The results speak for themselves! Dalcour Maclaren loved the video and we’re looking forward to the next team event.