A Q&A with our Social Media Marketing Manager

Social Media   |   13th October 2023

We talk to our Social Media Manager about the changes in the digital marketing world across the past five years, his experience in the role as well as his advice for someone getting into the industry.

Our Social Media Marketing Manager, Reece, has just recently celebrated his five-year anniversary here at ads creative solutions – a lot has changed over those five years, including multiple job titles, new social media platforms and a lot more.

Join us as we catch up with Reece about his past five years working here.

Q: Give us a brief overview of your past five years

I applied for the role of Junior Digital Marketing Executive with ads creative solutions back in August 2018, after completing my apprenticeship elsewhere. By the end of September, I was grateful to have been offered the role and to start my new position.

My role has developed since then as the company has grown, I went from a Junior role, into an Executive one, now to have recently been appointed as a Manager in early 2023.

The past five years have flown by, with a lot of it all seeming to roll into what feels like a couple of years at the most. The lockdown period probably has a lot to do with that. But within those five years, I’ve been extremely grateful for the opportunities to grow and learn within my role.

I’ve since developed skills I never imagined holding before starting, with those becoming a huge passion within my career. The thought of working on website development scared me when I first started but is something I relish today.

Q: What’s changed in the Digital Marketing industry since you started?

Anyone in the industry knows how quickly it can change, especially in a social media landscape. TikTok has exploded since I started, although it existed before, it certainly wasn’t anywhere near the heights it’s at today.

With its growing popularity, people have begun consuming shorter-formed content, whether that’s video or text. The quicker and easier they can take in information, the better – and that has changed how we have had to produce our content.

Q: What’s been the highlight at working at ads creative solutions?

There’s been many highlights to my time here. It has been a privilege to work alongside the people I have, not only have I formed strong relationships with my colleagues, I’ve made genuine friends.

I still to this day struggle to believe I visited Dubai. Experiencing a working week and going to meetings in a completely new environment and culture is a memory I will always cherish.

More recently I’ve been grateful to have attended a training session in The Shard. It’s important for me personally, but also the business, to continually learn and develop – as we’ve mentioned, with how quickly the industry changes, you can never stand still because you will certainly get left behind.

Q: What would you say to someone looking to get into the industry?

Immerse yourself and be open to learning. As cliche as it sounds, seeing a challenge as an opportunity to learn is a great mindset to have.

What you know today might not necessarily hold as much value as it will in a few years, but that’s okay. If you’re consistently keeping up with the trends, you’ll always be able to provide value in your work.


Thank you to Reece for taking part in our Q&A and congratulations on celebrating your five-year anniversary. If you want to connect with Reece on LinkedIn, he’d be happy to chat more about his experience in the industry.

Did you know we are currently recruiting for a Social Media & Digital Marketing Executive? You could potentially be the newest member of the ads creative solutions team.

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