Vie Privée

Vie Privée is a boutique lifestyle group offering luxury and exclusivity, whilst understanding the expectations and requirements of the modern-day individual. From errand running to VIP Services, the team at Vie Privée cover each and every mission – managing a variety of lifestyle demands to perfection.

our brief

Vie Privée approached us to create a new website with a premium feel. Our client felt his old website was outdated and didn’t reflect the modern aspect of his brand. He wanted the new website to be brighter, cleaner, with a minimal look and a high end feel to it.


what we did

Having been briefed on the client’s desires, we began the planning phase. In order to achieve the minimal look, we had to carefully source images that fit the new aesthetic. We also needed to consider the tone of voice and how it would help portray the premium feel of the brand. Strategically piecing these two together, we were able to form the core base of the new site.

The customer’s journey is a vital aspect when designing a website – we put a huge focus on ensuring call-to-actions were clear and structured. Putting multiple call-to-action buttons on the homepage allows the user to navigate to the pages they need, without having to take any unnecessary steps.

the results

The end product resulted in a website that had a premium, high-end feel, whilst also being fully functional to all users. Since the re-launch of the site, our client has seen a substantial increase in page visits.

A huge thank you to the team at ads creative solutions!

In the continuing growth and development of my company, it’s a massive help to be able to call on the range services which ads creative solutions provide.

From designing and creating our brochures, to developing our new website, each question asked of the team has been completed perfectly, and I can rest assured knowing that any future requirement for my business will be catered for.

Duran Martin​
Director – Vie Privée