Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall is London’s most iconic venue and one of the United Kingdom’s most treasured and distinctive buildings. The concert hall, which can seat over 5,200 guests, turns 150 years old in 2021.

our brief

To mark the 150th anniversary, the Royal Albert Hall wanted to raise awareness of the RAH150 campaign and promote a whole series of events and activities to celebrate the past, present, and future, through a 90-second video featuring the legendary Rolling Stone’s frontman, Mick Jagger.

what we did

In order to promote the video to as many people as possible and to complement the organic social media and digital activity that the hall was running, the ads creative solutions team decided that YouTube advertising would be the most successful, economical, and efficient approach. With a wide range of audience on the platform, YouTube was the obvious choice to bring in the highest return on investment.

Putting the video in front of the correct audience was imperative to the campaign’s success, so we undertook extensive research on RAH’s demographic to maximise the video’s impact. We took great care in narrowing down the audience, thinking about age, location, and customer data that would optimise the performance. The primary campaign included Re-marketing, Custom Intent, and Similar Audiences with a secondary campaign to help complement the primary campaign and reach new audiences which included Affinity Audiences and Topic Marketing.

the results

1,929,048 impressions

  1,631 clicks


Over the course of the 6-week campaign, the video generated a staggering 1.02 million views, 933,482 through paid, and 94,000 organic. Achieved 1,929,048 impressions with an average view duration of 4 seconds and generated 1,631 clicks through to the Royal Albert Hall website for a total spend budget of £11,000.

Impressions = People who have been served the video.

Views = People who have viewed at least 30 seconds of the video. Views exclude people who have been served the video but skip during the first 30 seconds.