Radley College

Radley College is one of the UK’s most prestigious independent boarding schools providing world-class education and facilities to boys aged between 11 – 18 years.

our brief

When Radley College came to us, they required a new approach to reaching their target audience in an engaging manner to promote their upcoming open days and increase registrations.

what we did

With a wide audience at our disposal, we had a number of avenues to explore to truly get the most out of each campaign. As interaction was one of their main desires, we decided on two separate digital ads that would run side-by-side on Facebook and YouTube.

Approaching this with two separate ads allowed us to maximise exposure and get the most out of each platform. This also allowed us to be flexible, as well as creative with each campaign with the audience differentiating slightly on each platform.

the results

Over several campaigns with Radley College, we were able to bring their open day registration up by 1,200% on what they had previously achieved.

We have worked with the team at ads creative solutions to deliver a series of targeted PPC advertising campaigns to support our Open Days. ads creative solutions are responsive and always provide regular feedback which allows us to monitor analytics in real time. Each advert impression is recorded and presented in a monthly report for analysis and comparison. The digital campaigns perform well, and we are pleased with the results which have helped to increase our Open Day registrations.

– Radley College