Oxford United in the Community

Working collaboratively with local and county-wide delivery partners, Oxford United in the Community uses the power of football to inspire the people and communities of Oxfordshire to have positive aspirations for their futures and the health, wellbeing, self-confidence, opportunities and resources to achieve them.

our brief

When OUitC came to us, they were looking to modernise their website, allowing it to stand out in the crowd and clearly convey their message and vision. As the audience were not engaging, it was important to focus on the customer journey and offer more valuable information, all whilst tying in the Oxford United FC branding.


what we did

With the brief in mind, we started from scratch by completely stripping back the site, which enabled us to put our full focus on the customer journey. It was vital to encourage the audience to engage, whilst providing the information they were looking for in a simple, concise manner. Over time, this structured journey and experience will help keep users engaged, interested and regularly revisiting the site.

We understood how much Oxford United Football Club meant to the local community, which is why we wanted to give OUitC an online presence that stood them out from the crowd. Using the famous yellow and blue allowed us to establish a branding that was under the club’s umbrella but was identifiable as its own entity.

the results

We felt it important to source the new website from a local web developer as wherever possible OUitC is trying to spend money within the local community where we operate.

Based on some trusted recommendations, some constructive initial discussions with Kelly and Ben, and a strong, comprehensive proposal, we made the decision to engage ads creative solutions for the development of the site.

A particularly attractive aspect was ads creative solutions’ charitable contribution focus – Kelly understood we had a specific budget and committed to help us achieve our objectives without the risk of incurring extra costs, enabling us not only to have a much more impactful website but also to achieve part of our digital transformation plans by providing online tools to replace manual processes, useable both by our team and our local partners.

In terms of the actual process, once we had all met and discussed our specific requirements and Ben had suggested some potential frameworks, we began the detailed work creating the content and the user journeys, a crucial aspect of the site to us and about which ads creative solutions were very insightful and knowledgeable.

During the following period of work, whenever we needed advice, support and responsiveness for updates and requests for changes, ads creative solutions were faultless; the speed and flexibility shown were exemplary.

Throughout the development phase, the communications we had with Kelly and Ben were clear, timely and focused on achieving key actions.

Right up to go live, Ben was always there to help us make the required updates within a fast turnaround; in fact, we would have struggled to be ready for our launch had Ben not been so responsive and helpful!

It has been a really positive process for Oxford United in the Community’s team to work with Kelly and Ben and we would recommend anyone to engage ads creative solutions for their future projects.

Christopher Lowes
Head of Charity – Oxford United in the Community