Abingdon School

Abingdon is a leading independent day and boarding school for boys aged 11-18, with a Prep School for boys aged 4-13.

our brief

For several years, ads creative solutions have worked with Abingdon School to run integrated marketing campaigns to attract registrations for their open days and increase admissions to their prep and senior schools, whilst also raising awareness.

what we did

We put our focus on digital campaigns that enabled us to reach a specific target audience to truly maximise the return on investment. We ran a number of social media adverts that encouraged the audience to click on the advert through captivating imagery and video.

To capitalise on the power of social media, we displayed these ads in multiple locations from news feeds on Facebook and Instagram as well as the stories feature.

the results

Throughout 2020 and 2021, across all of the social campaigns, we managed to achieve over 1.75 million impressions.