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Uncategorized   |   3rd March 2022

Come and find out what the team are reading this World Book Day...

To recognise World Book Day, we wanted to reach out to the team here at ads creative solutions to find out what they have been reading and enjoying recently.

The Midnight Library

Hannah decided to pick up Matt Haig’s latest novel, The Midnight Library, after reading reviews and hearing recommendations. She was also drawn to the author with her children being captivated by his writing style from his series of children’s novels.

“It’s brilliant – it’s really reminding me of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. It’s the type of book that makes you keen to know what will happen next”.

When asked about whether she’d recommend it, Hannah replied with.

“Absolutely. In fact, I am going to look at Matt Haig’s other books as this is the first one of his I have read”.

84 Charing Cross Road

Reece is currently reading 84 Charing Cross Road, written by Helene Hanff after being drawn to the illustration on the front cover whilst out shopping.

“I’ll be honest, this book was never on my list, I hadn’t even heard of it before I was drawn in by the illustration. Turns out it is a bit of a classic, so really pleased I stumbled across it”.

The book, which is split into two separate parts consists of real-life letters by the author, based in New York and the Doel family from the London book shop. With the second part being a memoir of her trip to London.

“The style of writing in the letters drew me in, I read a handful of pages whilst in the shop and didn’t want to leave without buying it. It’s a bit different to what I’ve read in the past, but I’d certainly recommend it.”

A Thousand Splendid Suns

Having enjoyed The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, Chessy decided to pick up another one of his novels, A Thousand Splendid Suns.

“I usually read a lot of psychological thriller books, so fancied trying something else. I’m loving it. Although it’s very different to what I usually read, I’m so glad I reached out for it.”

The book has been described as a “breath-taking story” with Chessy commenting that is true and certainly didn’t disappoint.

When asking if she’d recommend it, Chessy had this to say.

“YES! No spoilers, but I did cry when I read it and I would recommend that everyone not only reads this book but any other by Khaled Hosseini”.

She’s already bought another one of his to read!

Death on the Nile

With the film adaptation recently hitting the big screen, it prompted Sally to revisit an old favourite in Death on the Nile.

“The book is an Agatha Christie classic, originally written in 1937 after she came back from a trip to Egypt. All the characters are stunning and complex, each having a story, which is brought out throughout the book”.

Having now read the book multiple times, watched the film and listened to the audio versions, we asked if Sally would recommend it.

“Of course, I would, but the book was written in 1937, so you won’t find any of the modern themes that you have in books written today”.

The Secret Keeper

Being a fan of Kate Morton and reading two of her previous novels, Nikki decided to pick up The Secret Keeper.

The author’s unique writing style is what keeps Nikki coming back for more.

“Kate writes historical fiction with two or three stories set in different eras running within a book. Each story is connected and skips between the time periods to tell the story.”

Asking for Nikki’s recommendations, she said the following.

“I would really recommend this book or in fact, any of Kate Morton’s novels as you are taken on a journey with her characters and you won’t be able to put the book down!”


After reading a blog on adventure and hiking book recommendations, Wild instantly stood out to Hannah and has since been a book she’s read on multiple occasions.

“Personally, Wild will always be a book I return to with fondness and inspiration.”

The book delves into the epic physical adventure of the Pacific Crest Trail while exploring the turmoil and raw emotions of a young woman dealing with grief and the self-destruction that followed.

Hannah commented that elements of the book can seem drawn out and repetitive but draws similarities with how walking 1,100 miles alone may feel.

“For me, Wild will always be a favourite – it’s one of those books that I pick up and instantly start planning my next adventure”.

Shoe Dog

After initial discussions about opening the Dubai office, Sally recommended that Ben read Shoe Dog, to get a fascinating insight into how Phil Knight created one of the world’s most recognisable brands in Nike.

“I’m very early in, but it’s a really intriguing look into the early days and concepts of what we know as Nike today.”

The insight into the business before the glitz and glamour of golf courses and football stadiums is what keeps Ben picking up the book.

When asking if Ben would recommend Shoe Dog, he had this to say:

“Certainly. Not just to those in business but to anyone looking for a peek into the beginnings of a $30 billion a year company.”

One August Night

Ruth is currently reading Victoria Hislop’s latest novel, One August Night, which is the sequel to one of her favourites The Island. The story revolves around lepers from Crete and mainland Greece when they were quarantined until 1957 on the island of Spinalonga.

A few years ago, Ruth was lucky enough to visit the island whilst on holiday.“It made the story come to life and it was amazing to envisage exactly what the island looked like”.

In true Hislop fashion, the book never fails to draw you in. Asking whether Ruth would recommend the book to others, she said:

“Yes, but you need to read The Island first”.

Where the Crawdads Sing

As part of her book club, Kelly, along with six other friends, has been reading Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens.

The novel, which is Owens’ first, is a murder mystery, coming-of-age story with deep character development throughout, something of which Kelly appreciated.

“I really enjoyed the main character in the book”.

Asking if she’s recommended it to others, she commented.

“Definitely, I especially like the twist at the end and there were some thought-provoking ideas to come out of it”.

Head over to our Facebook page and leave a comment with what you’re reading, it may well be one of our books we pick up next.

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