What is Clubhouse?

Social Media   |   25th January 2021

Over the past couple of weeks, you may have heard whispers of a new social media app, one that at this stage, you can only access if you’re invited by another member.

You may be wondering what need is there for yet another social media app to be clogging up your free time, or even considering drastically cutting back on your consumption after the hit Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma. But there’s something unique about Clubhouse that might just make it the next must-have social channel.

So, what is Clubhouse?

In one sentence, it’s a platform that allows users to chat to others, in real-time, collaborate and share stories (actual stories, not those 10-second ones), but the one thing that sets it out from the crowd is that it’s audio only.

A good way to think about it is liking dropping in on your favourite radio show or podcast and actually being a part of it. Or even just a group of people chatting about a certain book or TV series they’ve enjoyed. Clubhouse allows users to raise their hand and ask a question to the host, allowing them to contribute and be part of the conversation.

Many of its current members are celebrities, with names like Oprah and Drake already signing up for a profile. But it’s worth thinking about from a business and growth standpoint too. With the potential of talking to other like-minded entrepreneurs or experienced business people, it really could be the perfect opportunity to network and expand your knowledge.

I want in, how do I sign up?

With Clubhouse, at this moment in time, being an exclusive invite-only app, you’re going to either have to know someone who is a member or simply be patient. The app allows each new member to invite one friend at first, then after a period of time, they can invite a further three. There’s no timescale as to when it will be available to everybody, depending on the success of the app, it might be in the somewhat near future.

What does our Digital Marketing Manager, Ben, think?

“I believe it has the potential to be huge. Imagine the idea of dropping into a casual conversation with your favourite celebrity or sports star. But also the possibility to probe industry leaders and specialist for their thoughts and advice.


I can see one of two things happening next: Clubhouse will continue to grow rapidly, go all-in on their idea and become the next must-have app. Or, as we have seen many times in the past, Facebook will acquire the app and technology and roll it natively into their platforms. Failing that, create an imitation that they can roll out to their existing userbase instantly. Directly competing with, and likely sweeping to the side, Clubhouse. We’ve seen Facebook take this approach multiple times already, with stories inspired by Snapchat, and Live influenced by Periscope.”

TL;DR: Clubhouse is an audio-only app that allows users to chat amongst each other in rooms.

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