Top Marketing Campaigns in February

Uncategorized   |   26th February 2021

If there’s one thing that always gets the digital team talking (that isn’t football) is viral marketing campaigns.

In today’s world, it’s never been more important to stand out online with so many businesses transitioning to digital ways and that has been evident recently.

Here are our favourite marketing campaigns across February.


 There’s no surprise to see McDonald’s on a list of the best marketing campaigns. As one of the biggest brands out there, they have to do very little to draw the eye of their audience and that is exactly what they’ve done in their latest advert.

To highlight their delivery service in a time where customers can’t visit their restaurants, McDonald’s put together a minimalist poster that didn’t even include their full logo or name. All that was needed to sell was the iconic golden arch.



This is one that got everyone talking and we can see why. Heinz Beans on Weetabix?! You’ve got to be joking.

It was a clever one because Weetabix knew exactly what they were doing here. The aim, thankfully, wasn’t to encourage customers to have beans with cereal, their goal was to get people talking and engage with the post. Which is exactly what happened.

The campaign promoted a strong response from their audience and even got the biggest brands and organisations in the UK such as Dominos and the NHS involved. It goes to show not all adverts have to be serious – have fun with them and aim to get engagement and interaction from others.



When your branding is as strong as Kit Kat’s, the flexibility is almost endless. Their well-known slogan didn’t even need to be mentioned for people to understand the message in their latest campaign.

Combining that with a calendar booked up with Zoom calls is something people are all too familiar with from the past year and implies people are not necessarily taking a break.

It’s no surprise the amount it’s been shared across LinkedIn and Twitter, take a look for yourself if you’ve not seen it.

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